Fun Facts About Bearings

Posted June 24, 2015 by admin

roller bearings Keeping your bearings in tip top shape can be some serious business for some seriously fun activities. Today, ball bearings are used for skateboards, airplanes, computers, trains, video games, washing machines, longboards and so much more. Today’s generation isn’t the first one to think up using roller bearings in new and inventive ways. We’ve compiled a list of bearing fun facts to help you get more acquainted with these useful little mechanisms.

•  The Hubble telescope, weather satellites, and even the Mars Space Rover all use bearings.

•  If you were to expand a 1-inch ball to equal the size of planet Earth, the ball would be rounder than the actual Earth.

•  If you were to file down onto a ball bearing, you would wear out the file before you’d wear out the bearing!

•  In Egypt around 2600 BC, ancient ball bearings were used to help transport bricks that were used in building the pyramids.

•  70% of bearing failures are from improper lubrication. Remember to use the correct amount when it comes to lubing up those bearings.

•  If you dropped a ball bearing into acetone, the bearing would begin to rust as soon as it touched your skin.

•  During the war, ball bearing factories in Germany were often bombed, as they were essential to the war industry in Germany.

•  When using outer race rotation, you’re reducing your bearings lifespan by 20%

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