Lubricating Your Bearings: What You Need to Know

Posted June 26, 2015 by admin

At VNC we know bearings. We also know that you want your ball bearings and roller bearings to last as long as possible without rusting or wearing out. Lubricating your bearings will help to keep them in great shape, and requires little time and energy on your part for something that will benefit your bearings’ performance in the long run.

First start by removing your bearings by prying them out of your wheel.

Next remove the bearing shields. You may be able to do this with a small screwdriver. Your bearing may end up having one or more shields to remove before getting to the cage and balls. Be careful not to damage the shield during removal.

Clean your bearings first. You’ll want to remove old grease and grime from the bearings for optimum performance afterwards. You may soak your bearings in alcohol, solvent, or use a pre-packaged bearing cleaner. Soak for several minutes before rinsing with clean solvent.

Now you’ll want to reapply lubricant to your bearings. Start by drying off your bearings with a hairdryer, or letting them air dry. Dab on a spot of your chosen lubricant. This can get quite slippery so don’t overdo it.

Now you’ve completed greasing up those bearings and you’ll be in for a smoother spin. VNC has been around since 1993, building a reputation for manufacturing and supplying high-quality bearings to our customers. At VNC we’re all about bearings. Call us at 800.862.3211 with any questions or to REQUEST A QUOTE.