No matter what industry you work in, VNC Bearing can provide the best bearing for your application. Since 1993, we’ve been proud to be a leader in manufacturing high quality bearings with a long operational life. In fact, our bearings continue to have the highest quality-for-price ratio in the industry.

VNC’s high performance bearings come in all types and dimensions for every application you need. From ball bearings, to high precision miniature bearings, we manufacture them all through our international facilities. In addition, VNC also provides a full line of customized solutions around your industry – including thrust bearings, mounted bearing units, grease and oil seals, and slewing ring bearings. We can provide our products in both metric and imperial dimensions.

With our dedication to quality control and failure analysis, you can trust the team behind VNC Bearing to provide you the best products for your application and industry. Learn more about our bearings, or shop our catalog today!