Tapered Roller Bearings for Your Specialized Needs

Tapered Roller Bearings are a type of thrust bearing capable of supporting radial loads combined with high thrust loads. The ratio of radial to axial load capacity can be adapted to the application by changing the cone angle of the tapered components in the design.

One major benefit of Tapered Roller Bearings is the ability to adjust the bearing’s internal clearance via preload. This adjustment allows certain performance characteristics of the bearing, including bearing stiffness and preload contact stress, to be optimized for your application.

In applications where thrust loads are transmitted in both directions along the axis, two Tapered Roller Bearings are mounted in opposition. Multirow Tapered Roller Bearings also fulfill this need and they are offered with a predetermined adjustment for bearing clearance.

At VNC Bearing, we understand how important selecting the right Tapered Roller Bearing is for your application. Our commitment to only supply the highest quality bearings enables VNC Bearing to stand behind every single bearing we deliver.

No matter the solution, VNC Bearing is your partner for the highest quality-to-cost ratio bearings in the industry today. Browse our catalog now to learn more about our Tapered Roller Bearings, or contact us today!