Roller Bearings

Roller bearings by VNC utilize specialized rolling elements to facilitate rotational motion.

High Quality Roller Bearings for Multiple Applications

Roller Bearings utilize specialized rolling elements to facilitate rotational motion. In comparison to ball bearings, these specialized rolling elements yield more contact area and as a result, are able to support heavier loads. Each type of Roller Bearing offers different advantages based on its geometry.

Spherical rollers support both radial and axial loads while being able to compensate for misalignment and impact forces. Cylindrical rollers can support even larger radial loads but are unable to support significant axial loads.

Needle rollers are elongated cylindrical rollers for assemblies that have tight space constraints. Finally, tapered rollers are perfect for systems that have both radial loads and large axial loads.

At VNC Bearing, we look forward to becoming your partner in providing high quality roller bearings for your application. Produced with the highest quality materials, we deliver by providing bearings manufactured to the strictest quality standards.

We can help you select the correct bearing type so you can realize optimum performance.

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