Ball Bearings

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High Quality Ball Bearings for Multiple Applications

What are ball bearings? As the name implies, ball bearings are rolling element bearings that utilize balls to facilitate rotational movement about one axis while supporting both axial and radial loads.

Ball bearings are lubricated by either oil or grease. Typically, shields or seals are utilized so ball bearings can be supplied “Greased for Life” with no need for re-lubrication.

Simple right? Ball bearings minimize rotational friction and provide optimum performance in many diverse applications that you interact with every day.

While there are many different types of ball bearings, each offer specific advantages for the function they perform. The various types of ball bearings include radial ball bearings, thrust bearings, angular contact bearings, self-aligning bearings, maximum capacity bearings, insert bearings, and more.

At VNC Bearing, we understand how important ball bearings are for your application. We start by helping you select the highest quality materials and we deliver by supplying bearings produced to the strictest quality standards. We can help you select the correct bearing type, radial clearance, precision level and grease so you can realize optimum performance.

We only supply bearings from facilities that are qualified to do business around the world, and regularly test for conformity and quality on all critical factors including dimensions, hardness, vibration, and noise.

From home appliances to hand tools; motors and pumps to lawn and garden equipment; machine tools such as lathes, drills, and milling equipment to exercise equipment; pulleys and conveyor rollers to medical and dental equipment, VNC has the right bearing solution for your application.

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