Grease Caps

Grease caps are the peg-like covers found at the center of a wheel that retain lubrication products designed for keeping your ball and roller bearings performing at high efficiency.

Extend the Life of Your Bearings with Grease Caps

Despite the numerous types of rolling-element bearings, they all share one thing in common, the need for proper lubrication. Maintaining proper lubrication supply while avoiding contamination and debris are paramount when it comes to meeting and exceeding the designed life of your bearings.

Grease Caps, although frequently overlooked, often represent the most cost effective solution in order to extend the life of your bearings. By ensuring proper lubrication and reducing debris related problems, Grease Caps help minimize the owning and operating costs attributed to bearings in your application.

At VNC Bearing, we understand that you don’t just need a bearing – you need a complete solution to keep your bearings running for an extended life. As your partner in providing high quality bearing solutions, VNC Bearing can provide grease caps and grease seals for all your bearing needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can create a customized solution for your need, or browse our complete catalog online! No matter the need, VNC Bearing is your partner for the highest quality-to-cost ratio bearing solutions in the industry today.