VNC wins 2017 Bearing Supplier Excellence Award

Posted May 17, 2017 by admin

LOUDON, NH., May 17, 2017 — Plan Tech, Inc. today awarded VNC Bearing Inc, the 2017 Bearing Supplier Excellence Award. Plan Tech has been supplying high-quality urethane covered bearings around the world for the last 30 years with the help from VNC. VNC is a world leading bearing supplier and has over 27 years of expertise.

Plan Tech has come to rely on their experience when identifying new applications that demand their superior technical support. From the start of a new project, the technical support team at VNC will assist our design team with selecting the best bearing based on the desired load and speed requirements needed for the application.

VNC uses a high-temperature grease designed just for a long service life and also allows Plan Tech to hot-cast urethane directly to the outside race of the bearing. The benefits of utilizing high-performance bearings from VNC is a product quality which allows us to produce such high-performance products as urethane coated bearings, urethane idler wheels, pulleys and thousands of other custom molded parts all backed with physical properties unmatched to similar bearings.

“In today’s world, “Partnership” is a word toss around like leaves in the wind. At VNC we take partnerships seriously. Our dedication to Customer Satisfaction and Product Quality are the main reasons we have been able to retain over 95% of the customers we had 20 years ago”, said Frank Reschke, President of VNC Bearing.

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Bearing Supplier Excellence Award

Bearing Lubrication Infographic

Posted May 12, 2016 by admin

If you’ve been following our blog the past few weeks you’ve probably seen our posts Bearing Lubrication 101 and Bearing Lubrication 201. We wanted to quickly summarize those posts and present them in a fun, visually engaging way. If you missed these blogs you can always go back and read them, however this infographic covers a lot of the information that we covered on bearing lubrication. Check it out!

bearing lubrication infographic


If you’re following lubrication best practices and still experiencing bearing failure, contact VNC today. We can perform a bearing failure analysis to pinpoint the cause and help find a solution to your unique bearing challenge.