Bearing Balls are the components in ball bearings that enable optimum performance while minimizing rotational friction.

The Best Bearing Balls for Your Applications

When it comes to transmitting rotational motion, balls are the component that enable optimum performance while minimizing rotational friction. In addition to traditional bearing systems, balls can be utilized in check valves, ball valves, and other applications.

Bearing Balls can be made from a variety of different materials depending on the application’s needs.  Common materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome steel, ceramics, and even plastic.

In order to increase their hardness, strength, and durability, Bearing Balls made from steel are heat treated. Although more expensive, Bearing Balls made from ceramics have greater hardness, stiffness, and resistance to corrosion compared to their steel counterparts. Ceramic Balls also have a lower coefficient of friction, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, and weigh less.

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