VNC Bearing has long been known for our supply chain management abilities; however, we are first and foremost, problem solvers. In fact, problem solving excellence is one of VNC Bearing’s core values.


Every day we work to discover new ways in which bearings can be used or improved. Our skilled staff has years of experience and know bearings inside and out. When a current or potential client comes to us with a bearing challenge, we do the necessary analysis that allows us to provide a bearing solution to meet their needs.

Whether you need to customize an existing design, develop an optimized solution, improve machinery performance, or troubleshoot a problem in your specific application, we are here to help.


Our local team’s comprehensive understanding of machine components and system processes enables VNC Bearing to provide you with the right support for your specific application.

From assembly fit optimization to production part approval and comprehensive inspection reports, we are your complete partner for success.