Miniature Precision

Miniature Precision Ball Bearings for Specialized Industries, Such as Toys & Medical Devices

Miniature Precision Ball Bearings for Specialized Industries

Miniature Precision Bearings are identified by having an internal diameter of less than 3/8 inches (9.5 mm) while still containing the same components used in standard radial ball bearings. In comparison to standard bearings, Miniature Precision Bearings are designed and manufactured to operate at remarkably high rotational speeds.

Like standard ball bearings, Miniature Precision Bearings are available with shields and seals. Their rings are made from chrome or stainless steel with super finished raceways in order to perform at high speeds. Miniature Precision Bearings utilize extremely precise tolerances and offer a wide variety of additional design variations capable of tailoring the bearing solution to your specific application.

At VNC Bearing, we understand how critical selecting the correct Miniature Precision Bearing is for you. You need a bearing that will perform at its best when it matters most, regardless of the conditions. When it comes to selecting the correct bearing, radial clearance, precision level, and grease for your application, we are ready to help you realize optimal performance.

With applications ranging from medical and dental instruments, including dental hand-pieces and syncrometers, to fuel controls, encoders, servo motors, meters, radio controlled vehicles, gyros, and other precision instruments, VNC has the right Miniature Precision Bearing for your application.

Our commitment to only provided the highest quality miniature bearings enables VNC Bearing to stand behind every single bearing we supply. Don’t just put any Miniature Precision Bearing in your application. Utilize the bearings with the highest quality-to-price ratios in the industry – VNC Bearing!

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