Ball and Roller Thrust Bearings

VNC engineers thrust bearings are bearings that have been specifically designed to support large axial loads.

Thrust Bearings for Multiple Applications and Needs

While standard ball and roller bearings are able to support moderate axial loads, Thrust Bearings have been specifically designed to support large axial loads by sacrificing some, if not all, of their ability to support radial loads.

Thrust Bearings are available with several types of rollers and in numerous configurations. Typical thrust bearings include tapered rollers, spherical rollers, cylindrical rollers, and balls. In applications where axial loads are transmitted in both directions, multiple sets can be placed in tandem.

No matter how you use Thrust Bearings – in marine, automotive, or manufacturing applications – VNC Bearing is ready to become your partner in providing the best Thrust Bearing solution for your product.

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