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High Quality Radial Ball Bearings for Your Application

Radial Ball Bearings, and specifically deep-groove ball bearings, represent the most widely used rolling element bearings in the world today. In comparison to other roller types, the lower frictional losses attributed to balls enable Radial Ball Bearings to operate at higher rotational speeds.

Radial Ball Bearings utilize grooves in their inner and outer rings in order to support relatively high radial loads and considerable thrust loads. A cage is typically employed to keep the rolling elements evenly spaced and to prevent the balls from contacting one another. Shields and seals are often used to keep grease in and contaminants out of the bearing.

Overall size, precision level, material specifications, grease type, and detailed geometry represent some of the critical elements that can be adjusted to provide the perfect bearing solution to your specific application.

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Over the past two decades VNC bearings have been proven to perform in even the most demanding applications. Our bearings have reliably served numerous applications and industries, including electric motors, pumps, lawn and garden equipment, heavy duty trailers, the automotive industry, and many more.

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