Angular Contact Bearings

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High Quality Angular Contact Bearings for Specific Applications

Angular Contact Ball Bearings are non-separable radial bearings that provide a stiff, rigid bearing arrangement. These bearings are suitable for high speed applications and can accommodate both radial and thrust loads.

VNC angular contact bearings are available with several different contact angles. The contact angle transfers the loads acting on the bearing towards the shaft centerline and directly impacts the bearing’s thrust load capacity.

Single row angular contact bearings accommodate thrust loads in one direction. In order to support thrust in both directions, two single row angular contact bearings can be matched and mounted back to back or one double row angular contact bearing can be used, requiring less space.

It is important to note, angular contact bearings have a limited ability to handle misalignment. Misalignment subjects the bearing to additional forces and can substantially shorten the service life and increase noise.

No matter how you use Angular Contact Bearings, we look forward to becoming your partner in providing versatile, high quality bearings for your application or industry. Over the past two decades VNC bearings have been proven to perform in even the most demanding applications.

Our bearings have reliably served numerous applications and industries, including electric motors, pumps, lawn and garden equipment, heavy duty trailers, the automotive industry, and many more. At VNC Bearing we are committed to providing you with bearings at the best quality-to-cost ratio available.

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