Better Self-Aligning Ball Bearings for Your Industry

Better Self-Aligning Ball Bearings for Your Industry

Self-Aligning Ball Bearings utilize two rows of balls and a common, concave outer race to automatically compensate for angular misalignment within a system. Misalignment, either from machining errors, assembly errors, or deflections, are a common risk in precise applications and Self-Aligning Ball Bearings present a viable solution.

In comparison to spherical rollers, the lower frictional losses attributed to balls enable Self-Aligning Ball Bearings to operate at higher rotational speeds. By design, Self-Aligning Ball Bearings are able to support radial loads combined with moderate thrust loads. Their ability to avoid exerting a bending moment on the shaft allows Self-Aligning Ball Bearings to avoid imposing run-out, imbalance, and vibrations into the system.

At VNC Bearing, we look forward to becoming your partner in providing high quality Self-Aligning Ball Bearings for your specific application. We start by helping you select the highest quality materials and we deliver by supplying bearings to the strictest quality standards.

By learning about your industry, application, and requirements, VNC Bearing can develop the right bearing solution for your specific needs. No matter the solution, VNC Bearing is your partner for the highest quality-to-cost ratio in the industry today.

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